Zingari Man Extrait de Parfum, Merchant

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  • Strong, long lasting scent
  • Frosted glass bottle with pump
  • Scented with a complex, exotic aroma

Heather Melton is crafting grooming products that nourish your skin and your soul. Zingari (gypsy) Man is sure to please with phenomenal products and fabulous scents.

When you want a scent to stay longer than a splash or a balm, check out these parfums. With just a simple recipe and stronger fragrance, you can take your favorite scent into your day.

Colorful powders, pungent aromas, crowded stalls, and hawking merchants. This scent evokes the marketplace of an exotic locale. Notes of spices like clove, cardamom, and pepper blend with amber, frankincense, honey, ambroxan, hay, and jasmine. Then notes of vanilla, soft patchouli, woods.

Size: 50ml

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